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  • KyleClub was born from meme culture. As a Kyle who has always been fairly in line with the stereotype defined by the memes, I have been amused as could be with the meme culture and I have wanted to do something to bring us Kyles together.

    A Josh Fight-style scenario was proposed but every theoretical outcome involves more devastation than I was willing to risk, even in a mere meme. Kyles against _____ was proposed. (Josh, Brad, Chad, John) The only namesake we saw a major threat in was Chad, but the world does not need any less Kyles or Chads, and we foresaw casualties in the tens-to- hundreds of thousands.
    So we decided the Kyles need to unify with one another and channel our energy into chaotic good ideas, that's where most of us Kyles fit in on the alignment chart.
    So in September 2021 Kyle Wilson and I were bullshitting at work one day and the pieces fell in place. A few weeks later, after lining up our ducks, was registered and KyleClub was born.

  • I spent my early years in slight-to-moderate competition with the Kyles around me. From about 1999-2006 I was hostile toward every Kyle I met. I would boldly tell them "I am the dominant Kyle". I was only challenged to one fight over many years and many Kyles, and I never lost a fight.

    As a Kyle who has gotten a little older and a little wiser, I decided sometime in 2010 or 11 to try to see some common ground with the Kyles around me.

    I have taken every opportunity to get to know the Kyles in my life, to reach out. I have really gone out of my way to reach out to the other Kyles I meet and I have gotten to like every Kyle I know.

    When KyleClub was proposed, it seemed a natural way for me to make ammends to all the Kyles I was unnecessarily hostile toward in my youth. I aim to repair the relationship between all of us Kyles.

    Kyle: if Kyle has done you wrong in the past, give Kyle a chance to come clean with you. We are an intelligent breed that sometimes lets emotion take over. We stabilize significantly in time. If time has passed, count on the fact Kyle has grown and come around. If my experience steers me right, Kyle will exceed your expectations.

    -Kyle Johnson, founding Kyle

KyleClub will unite more Kyles than ever before united!
O.G. Kyle
KyleClub will unite more Kyles than ever before united!
Monster Energy, Sponsor This Madness!
Monster Energy, Sponsor This Madness!

"KyleClub is here to bring Kyles together and to promote freedom of speech and decentralization of the technocracy we are all wary of. As a Kyle, we are generally skeptical. Now is the time to scrutinize everything!"

Kyle Johnson, co-founder of & Bird Law University, Owner of Careful Balance, Sous Chef, Free-Range Reverend